Too early to say “bye” to 2020?

Too early to say “bye” to 2020?

Some leaves are turning and there’s been a nip in the morning air. Normally, we’d be a little sad to see Summer give way to Fall. This year though, we’re rather looking forward to 2020 being over – the sooner, the better.

Still, we’re very fortunate to be busy taking care of clients who, by and large, are also busy – and have adjusted to changed work styles. Many of those changes are probably here to stay, including much more work from home and far less business travel.

The need for all the computer equipment to support those changes continues to challenge supply chains as pallets of business laptops sell out as fast as they’re available -- and get a little more expensive with each shipment, it seems. We don’t know if or when that will be better – so for now, if you expect to need computer equipment in 2020, now is the time to think about ordering it.

This is also a good time to review and reflect on the six months of varying degrees of remote working. How has that gone, technologically and organizationally? If there are permanent changes in business operation as a result, is what you did as an “emergency” scramble in March, adequate for how you want to operate today, through the end of the year, and beyond?

If you’d like to discuss that, or any other business IT need, please reach out; we’re always here to help.

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