Network Implementation

Get the most from your IT investment

At CDS, we know that small businesses struggle with big problems: protecting and sharing essential data, enhancing productivity and stretching the IT budget. But we also know that solutions designed for big businesses don't always make sense without the big business resources to support them.

CDS will work with you to deliver an integrated networking solution that enables you to:

  • Protect data and information - with built-in firewall and password protection and automatic data backup
  • Do more with less - implement email, productivity and file sharing in a single, integrated server solution
  • Connect and share information - keep your workforce connected and help them work together more effectively
  • Get Green - reduce energy and control costs through smart provisioning of energy

CDS can help with a cost-effective server solution built on proven HP hardware and Microsoft Windows Server, customized for your unique business environment.

Is your infrastructure enhancing your business or holding it back?

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