Gary F.

Just want to thank you again for everything you did leading up to an incredibly smooth and painless office move. Our crew is, as you know, not the tech savviest group in the world and we were very nervous about the move. You and Chris took charge of every detail, so we didn’t have to worry, moved all the hardware and re-configured it at our new (awesome) office. Everyone here is blown away that you managed to do all that in one day!!! We have always been confident you your abilities and were not disappointed one bit with this move. Thanks again for an incredible job!!

Very Best,

Managing Partner
WorldBridge Partners Toledo, Inc.

Lisa J.

When our old IT service company unexpectedly stopped offering support, we were scrambling a little for help. CDS came in, assessed our situation, and quickly addressed some really critical concerns, including our antivirus and backup. With their IT Vigilance monitoring and management service, often they know we have an issue before we do and they’re quick to address it, remotely or in person. Everyone at CDS is responsive, friendly and professional. Engaging them for IT support has been the best decision we ever made.

Executive Assistant to the Director, The Ability Center of Greater Toledo
Sylvania, Ohio

You guys are very helpful. It is such a pleasure having GOOD help again! THANK YOU

Ondrus Hardware
Toledo OH

Doug L.

As a software company, we’re well versed in computer technology, but even we need help sometimes. CDS is who we call for help – for general troubleshooting, network and system setups, security review, strategic consulting, pretty much anything. And with the IT Vigilance program, often we don’t need to call for help; they’re watching our server 24/7 and resolving the problem before we know we’re having one.

President, Lyon Software
Sylvania, Ohio

Jason L.

CDS ventured into a medical practice management system they’d never seen before, and in a few hours, extracted the data we (LMSI) needed. The work done by CDS on behalf of this client allowed LMSI to complete the project ahead of schedule.

LMS Inc.
Jacksonville FL

You make my life easier - thank you so much for all your help!

Director of Operations and Marketing, Stockdale Co. LLC,
Toledo, Ohio