Cloud Services for Toledo Businesses

Maximize efficiency and run all your business apps virtually

Comprehensive Data Services' Private Cloud Services give you the power to use the internet and intranet in your office to make doing business more efficient. Our Cloud computing solutions allow you and your employees to share, edit, and publish documents in a secure unified system, improve communication and e-mail, and enhance your everyday business processes.

When all your server infrastructure is migrated to a virtual environment, you can enjoy all your line of business applications with enhanced mobility, accessibility, security and efficiency.

With Private Cloud Services from Comprehensive Data Services, you get:

  • Service level agreement of 99.999%
  • Deployment and customization based upon your specific needs
  • Reduced cost and complexity of managing your own server
  • Scalability to adapt to evolving business requirements with virtually infinite resources
  • Migration assistance for existing servers
  • Configurations of firewalls and VPNs
  • Enhanced applications accessibility and mobility
  • Seamless collaboration from anywhere at any time
  • 24/7 support up to the virtualization layer

Comprehensive Data Services' Private Cloud Services are:

  • Flexible - easily increase your requirements as your business grows
  • Green - fewer servers mean lower electricity bill
  • Efficient - server consolidation gives you utmost utilization
  • Powerful - with dynamic load balancing and rapid provisioning

In addition to Windows Servers and Managed Firewall, this offering includes Cloud and Hybrid Cloud-based Backup and Disaster Recovery, as well as High-speed circuits to the Internet and to the private cloud colocation.

Private Cloud Services from Comprehensive Data Services are easy, quick,
and economical to implement.

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