It Can’t Last, But…

It Can’t Last, But…

…as I’m writing this, the spring-like days have us thinking already about air and power conditioning in the coming summer months. It’s really not that far off as we approach February. (How’s that for optimism? Of course, by the time you read this we could have a blizzard, too).

Anyway, the nice weather reminds us that it’s not too early to be looking at all your computers’ power protection. Where and how are things plugged in? Surge suppressor? Battery backup? Batteries in those battery backups still good?

And the summer heat that can build up in an improperly ventilated area or room can “fry” computer gear. Is there a decent flow of cool air where your equipment lives?

Take a look now – and if you need help identifying potential environment problems that could affect your IT gear, please let us know.

CDS can not only size, supply and install surge suppressors and uninterruptible power systems, but also small computer room air conditioning and room environment monitoring.

It may seem a little silly to think about this now, especially when it’ll probably be freezing again in a couple days… but come spring and summer, you’ll be glad that you did.

Whether it’s help with power protection, or any other IT, VoIP or digital marketing issue, we’re here to help. Contact us anytime.