Back to something like normal?

Back to something like normal?

As I sit down to write this, mid-July, things are mostly open in Ohio, although the words “mostly” and “open” are subject to personal interpretation -- depending on which of your favorite restaurants is closed or operating on a reduced basis -- or perhaps which of your summer activities have been altered, if not cancelled entirely. Still, restaurants and shops, industry and offices are slowly returning to something like normal, albeit a masked and distanced normal – and schools are planning their openings (in a month or so already!). At CDS, we’re back to “something like normal” for in-person visits and deliveries observant of whatever safety measures our clients are taking.

Yes, “something like normal” is a mouthful compared to “new normal,” but I’m not ready to concede that our current situation, however improved, will be the permanent situation. Hope springs eternal that our old normal will be the new normal again someday.

Old normal, new normal or something like normal, a few things don’t change. The uptrend of scam-y, phish-y, and/or viral email continues – and the bad ones are getting harder to spot, and harder for email security to detect and block. While it shouldn’t be the sole protection, the best mail protection is still you being wary of received email -- and not being so quick to click a link or take another action.

We say this all the time because user awareness is critical in email defense – and because even with repeated plays of that broken record, our virus monitoring still alerts us to stopped malware nearly every day. A couple times per month, someone’s password is not hacked, but volunteered to a phishing site – and we get the call to (re)secure an email account and assess and limit the damage.

We can help with that before it’s a problem. As part of our Dark Web Monitoring service, we offer a Security Awareness Training platform to train your people to recognize and avoid phishing attacks and other malicious activities targeting human vulnerability.

If you’d like to learn more about that, or any other business IT need, please reach out; we’re always here to help.

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